BetSoft has released their latest pokie, and it’s called Primal Hunt. This 80-line game is set more than 12,000 years ago, when massive saber-toothed cats still roamed the world.

To read more about the game, please see the following review. I especially suggest it for those seeking a cheap pokie alternative.

Wager Selection

There are 11 wager options in the Primal Hunt pokie. The lowest possible bet is $0.20, while the highest is $22.

This range makes the game ideal for low and medium rollers. Since eight of the possible bets are worth $10 or less, those with small bankrolls should be particularly satisfied.


The return-to-player percentage is an indication of the average payback of a poker machine. Unfortunately, BetSoft doesn’t list the RTP for this game, which is a bit of a disappointment.

I found another website that listed the game’s RTP at 96.10%, although I’m not sure if this is accurate or not. If it is, then the game is about average for an online game.

Primal Hunt Paytable

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the various Primal Hunt symbols and their respective values. Payouts change based on the player’s wager, so bigger risks often result in more sizable rewards. For the purposes of this section, let’s assume a maximum bet of $22.

  • Jack – This poker symbol pays $2.20 for three matches, $4.40 for four, and $8.80 for five.
  • Queen, King, and Ace – This trio of poker symbols pays $4.40 for three matches, $6.60 for four, and $11 for five.
  • Deer Primitive Art – Painted on a round stone, this icon pays $6.60 for three matches, $11 for four, and $17.60 for five.
  • Horse and/or Buffalo Primitive Art – These examples of prehistoric art are valued at $8.80 for three matches, $15.40 for four, and $26.40 for five.
  • Mammoth Primitive Art – Provides a payout of $11 for three matches, $17.60 for four, and $33 for five.
  • Tomahawk – This weapon pays $15.40 for three matches, $22 for four, and $55 for five.
  • Spear – Another basic tool for survival, the spear icon is worth $17.60 for three matches, $33 for four, and $110 for five.
  • Cave Lion – The game calls it a “cave lion,” but it looks a whole lot like a saber-toothed tiger. When part of a winning line, it pays $2.20 for two matches, $11 for three, $55 for four, and $220 for five.
  • Hunting Cave Lion – This symbol depicts the cave lion preparing to pounce on some unlucky victim. This is the game’s scatter, but it also pays $176 for three matches, $352 for four, and $2,112 for five.
  • Wild – Appears on reels two through four and substitutes for all symbols except the Cave Lion.

Primal Hunt virtual reels

Hunting Cave Lion Free Spins

In order to trigger the free spins bonus, you’ll need to land at least three scatter symbols on the reels. Here are the number of awarded spins:

  • 3 Symbols = 8 Free Spins
  • 4 Symbols = 12 Free Spins
  • 5 Symbols = 20 Free Spins

Free spins can be re-triggered during the bonus. Wilds can also double or triple the normal available payout.

Multipliers also multiply, which is my favorite part of the game. This means that all multipliers during a bonus spin are added together, which can turn a normal payday into something special. For example, a trio of 3x symbols would be worth 27x.

Final Thoughts

Primal Hunt is a solid option for low rollers, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. The most notable addition is the multiplying multipliers, but that’s about it. Otherwise, there’s a single bonus and a well-designed prehistoric theme.

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